The TOR GROUP’s origins can be dated back to the 1880’s when Mustafa “the Carpenter” Torlak started his small business manufacturing wooden boats in the Rize Provence of the Eastern Black Sea region. From these humble beginnings the Torlak family built an international shipbuilding and maintenance group that prides itself on being reliable and forward thinking.

The TORGEM origins come from Mustafa Torlak, nicknamed “Marango Mustafa” (Mustafa the “Carpenter”) who was a member of the first generation of the Torlak family from the Rize province of the Eastern Black Sea Region. He had begun to manufacture small timber vessels in the beginning of the 1880’s as a profession. This trade tradition of the family was continued by second-generation family member, Durmuş Ali Torlak, who also successfully built and delivered timber vessels of up to 200-250 DWT. Upon the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, the Torlak family moved to Istanbul and continued to do the same works in Istanbul since 1930’s. The company then became known as “Durmuş Ali Torlak and Sons Collective Company”. It was founded with the engagement of the third generation members, brothers Mustafa, Aziz and Mahmut in 1952 after which the family business grew as the family integrated enterprise as company. They successfully built and delivered Turkey’s first steel vessel in 1968.

The decision to remain in building of steel vessels was made and led towards the business of Torlak families, as they are known today. The fourth generation of Torlak family by this time had become well trained and engaged in the sector. In 1977, they made the decision, to own and operate more shipyards via a separation into independent companies, which nowadays amount to 3 independent Shipbuilding companies (each with their respective shipyards) each baring a relation to the TORLAK family name.

As a result of this decision, Mr Kenan TORLAK (retired 2012), the oldest of the fourth generation and one of the veterans of Turkish Shipbuilding Industry, who at that time was the Chairman, established TORGEM Shipyard in 1977. He was a graduate of Newport University, with a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration and continues as chairman of TORGEM Shipyard. Since 2012 up to present day, His oldest son, Mustafa Kemal Torlak (a Naval Architects) who is the current Chairman of TORGEM and its larger establishment, the TOR GROUP of Companies, has made further developments on the basis of that decision.

The initial aim of TORGEM Shipyard was to establish itself as a leader in Turkish Shipbuilding. As a result of the rapid progress in the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry Sector, TORGEM Shipyard decided to continue investments in Tuzla and in the year 1982 by moving the yard from the Golden Horn. TORGEM was the first shipyard moved and started to operate in Tuzla by 1983.

By the year 2000 the TORGEM owners were owning and managing various companies in different sectors and made the decision to establish TOR GROUP, which is currently the head structure for all of their respective companies. The companies were restructured by a renovated simple and flexible organizational structure followed by the application of new investments and manpower plan. As a result, TOR GROUP achieved a very effective position and capable of pioneering its trade during challenging times in both the ship repair and shipbuilding markets via its vast product range and know how expertise.

In wake of the worldwide financial crisis and its universal affect to most businesses, TOR GROUP made further revisions to its structure and decentralised itself in order to have a more flexible and financially stronger position by setting up specialist affiliate companies which would each diversify in their respective niche markets by operating separately from each affiliate while under the ownership and executive control of the TOR GROUP of directors. This decision, led to the establishment of one affiliate which is now known in the market as "TOR MARINE”.

TOR MARINE Focus is as follows:

For International turnkey shipbuilding and repair orders

  • offshore wind                 
  • Offshore Oil & Gas             
  • Offshore logistic vessels
    • Patrol Boats
  • Yachts
  • Tugs
    • AHTS
  • Workboats
    For Local turnkey shipbuilding and repair orders
    • IMO II Tankers              
  • Container Ships                   
  • Bulk Carriers
    • General Cargo
  • Tugs
  • Yachts

    The employed labour force are now part of existing affiliate, TORHAN which again provides even further flexibility be ensuring that labour force integration remains stable under TOR GROUP control while providing the additional business potential of securing subcontracting labour works from neighbouring shipyards whenever such yards have additional labour requirements.


    The shipyard facilities of TOR GROUP remain under the existing affiliate TORGEM Shipyard and will service the business requirements / orders of both TOR MARINE. However due to a “heads of agreement” with other domestic (Torlak family owned) and foreign shipyards , TOR MARINE may also use the facilities of these shipyards in addition to TORGEM Shipyard making them even more flexible and capable in terms of order book capacity.



    Durmus Ali Torlak (2nd gen) builds timber vessels of up to 200-250 DWT


    “Durmus Ali Torlak and Sons Collective Company” is founded with Mustafa, Aziz and Mahmut Torlak (3rd gen)


    The company builds and delivers Turkey’s first steel vessel


    Kenan Torlak (4th gen) establishes TORGEM shipyard in Golden Horn


    Shipyard moves to Tuzla and starts operations


    TOR CONSTRUCTION is founded and begins onshore construction projects


    First international project for TORGEM


    Kemal and Ugur Torlak (5th gen) take over TOR GROUP operations


    LEMMAR is established as the repair and maintenance entity for the group


    TOR MARINE is officially created as the ship building arm of TOR GROUP


    TOR GROUP delivers its 100th vessel