Pilot Boat 27 Meters

BY TOR Group Internal | Mar 01, 2017



One of the worlds biggest pilot boats (27m in length) has been delivered to Saudi Marcap for their operation in Ras Tanura refinery which is exporting more then 80% of the worlds largest petroleum company Saudi Aramco. 

It has been announced that the pilot boats, which were tendered last year and have been built and delivered in as short as 10 months, are ready to dispatch to Arabian Gulf for Saudi Marcap operation.

World's biggest pilot boats have an endurance for 7 days without supply and safe operation at 2,5m wave heights while operating for ULCC & VLCC Tankers which are mooring to Ras Tanura berths


7 days service at offshore

Safe operations at 2,5m wave height

Accommodation for 10 person

A/C system installed for 54 deg.C outside ambienttemperature and 37 deg. C sea water temperature

LOA : 26,80 m.

Bream:7,00 m.

Draft: 2,50 m.

Full Displacement : 155 Tonnes

Light Ship: 126 Tonnes

Fuel Capacity: 20,000 LT

Fresh Water Capacity :11.250 LT

Dirty Water Capacity: 14.000 LT

Service Speed : 15,5 Knots (%80 MCR) 18 Knots

Main Engines: 2 X 1.340 KW YANMAR 12 AYM-WGT

Generator : 2 X 58 KW CAT 4.4

Class Society : BV I + HULL + MACH, Pilot Boat, Unrestricted Nav

Building Materials: Steel Hull, Aluminium Superstructure



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