Torgem Shipyard

The TORGEM shipyard has been at the forefront of modern ship construction in Turkey. Between 1977 and 1982 the company gained remarkable experience and upgraded its shipbuilding technology during a period of rapid growth and development for Turkish shipbuilding. The shipyard has served as the construction site for over 100 new building projects. TORGEM has continued to upgrade its facilities and technology in order to expand its capabilities. Today the facility is equipped to handle the building, repair, maintenance and conversion of a wide range of vessels including chemical tankers, cargo ships, tugboats and mega-yachts 


The Shipyard is highly secured with placed boundary walls, security doors, security staff and digital print identity access control. Large steel gates ensure the privacy of the shipyard while the 52 cameras allow the security personnel to carry out effective surveillance. 


Total Area of Facility:

Workshop Area:

Construction Area:

Slipway No.1:

Slipway No.2:

Slipway No.3:

Slipway No.4:

Slipway No.5:

8.000 Tons of Steel Processing

19.186 m2

2.000 m2

12.000 m2

150 m x 24 m (In House)

100 m x 17 m (In House)

315 m x 50 m (Out House)

250 m x 41 m (Out House)

360 m x 60 m (Out House) 



Water Depth:

Crane Capacity:

180 m x 14 m

5,5m. max. 10m. 

100 ton


TOR Group strongly believes in the importance of the human factor and strives to provide its employees with a safe and satisfying work environment. The company aims for long-term employment of staff as an investment in their professional competence and to foster mutual loyalty. All personnel benefit from in-house training programs as well as Total Quality Management (TQM) and Employee Health and Safety Procedures (ISG) training.


The company has built its reputation as a trustworthy partner that consistently drives excellence throughout its operations. To achieve this, TOR Group shipyard has implemented Quality Management Systems (QMS) in accordance with:

ISO 9001:2008,

ISO 14001:2004,

OHSAS 180001:2007