We are delighted to announce the launch of TOR BOREAS, our cutting-edge, diesel-electric hybrid utility vessel, took place successfully on 29 June.

Constructed in Tor Group’s new facilities in Türkiye, TOR BOREAS has been designed to match end-user needs with the latest available, and anticipated, technologies in mind.

A broad and notable suite of capabilities is incorporated into this multi-role support vessel in the workboat code, including:

  • Dynamic Positioning 1
  • 4 Point Mooring
  • Gyro Stabilisation
  • Boulder Grappling – 13T offshore crane
  • Hydraulic A-Frame – 5T lift
  • Towing – 15TBP
  • 70 sq m of clear deck space
  • Moonpool
  • Accommodation for 12 passengers
  • Modular Installation for Dive and Survey Support Units
  • 15+ days Endurance.

View the spec sheet here.

TOR BOREAS will be available for purchase or long-term bareboat charter from September 2024.  Interested parties should contact us here to arrange an inspection or for general enquiries.