Tor Group International was recently established in the United Kingdom as the new commercial headquarters of the Tor Group.

Building on the strength and tradition that is the heart of Tor Group in Türkiye, Tor Group International is leading the diversification of the group’s product and service offering beyond shipbuilding. We are already operating our first vessel in UK waters, with a second vessel entering production, as we develop our capabilities in fleet ownership and operation. Furthermore, we are establishing an ability to facilitate alternative forms of business to our customers, notably build financing and vessel leasing.

Remaining true to our core vision as a trusted, professional shipbuilder, we are also diversifying operations geographically. We have established strong partnerships in Asia, Africa and the United Kingdom, and are intent on developing these further.

Tor Group International is the next evolution on the Tor Group journey. It is now the focal point for business development and commercial activity, harnessing the strengths of the group and building our network.