The Tor Group’s origins can be dated to as far back as the 1880s when Mustafa “the Carpenter” Torlak started his small business manufacturing wood boats in the Rize Provence of the Eastern Black Sea region.

Every generation of the Torlak family has contributed to the evolution of the family business by increasing manufacturing capabilities. This approach enabled the company to be part of the newly established Republic of Türkiye in the 1920s after which it began developing new areas of expertise in shipbuilding. By 1968 the third generation of Torlaks successfully delivered Türkiye first steel hull vessel, which put the company at the forefront of Turkish shipbuilding.

Tor Group Today

From its origins as a small family business in Türkiye, Tor Group is now headquartered in the United Kingdom reflecting the nature of its international clientele. It remains, at its heart, a shipbuilder, endeavouring to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge and sustainable technologies and has diversified its suite of services to help meet this aim.

These services include remote management of the shipbuilding process – allowing vessels to be constructed or finished across multiple yards throughout the globe – innovative finance solutions for clients and the operation of our own vessels.