This cutting-edge vessel is currently under construction in Tor Group’s new facilities in Türkiye.  Designed to match end-user needs with the latest available, and anticipated, technologies in mind, TOR BOREAS is a multi-role support vessel with hybrid propulsion.

A broad and notable suite of capability is incorporated into this vessel in the workboat code, including:

  • Dynamic Positioning
  • 4 Point Mooring
  • Gyro Stabilisation
  • Boulder Grappling – 13T offshore crane
  • Hydraulic A-Frame – 5T lift
  • Towing – 25T electric aft winch, 17TBP
  • 70 sq m of clear deck space
  • Moonpool
  • Accommodation for 12 passengers
  • Modular Installation for Dive and Survey Support Units
  • 15+ days Endurance.

Steel cutting for the individual blocks commenced in February and block assembly in Summer 2023.  TOR BOREAS is currently undergoing outfitting and pipework.  Blasting and painting will take place in the New Year with launch scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

TOR BOREAS Spec sheet.

Link to Maritime Journal article 23rd January 2024 on TOR BOREAS

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